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Legal Disclaimer

Each DL Cabinetry location (each, a “Location”) is independently owned and operated. This
website is provided solely for the convenience of its users and each independent business
Location. Each Location is solely and independently responsible for its contractual relationships
and legal compliance. The use of this website creates no relationship, contractual or otherwise,
between any user and any Location, or among any of the Locations, or any other entity, supplier
or service provider. A contract between a third-party and a Location creates no relationship,
contractual or otherwise, between such third-party and any other Location. Nothing contained in
this website shall be construed to constitute (or be deemed to constitute in law or in equity) a
partnership, agency, fiduciary, distributorship, employment, or joint venture relationship by,
between or among any of the Locations. Without express and unambiguous written authority
between two or more Locations, no such Location is, or will be deemed to be, the legal
representative or agent of another Location, nor shall any such Location have the right or
authority to assume, create, or incur any third-party liability or obligation of any kind, express or
implied, against or in the name of or on behalf of another Location.

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