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2020 Design Catalog

For those of you who are "hands on" when it comes to designing your project, we are happy to announce our 2020 Design catalog is now available for download!

ProKitchen Design Catalog

We are also now offering our catalog through ProKitchen! Click the button below to visit the downloads page on

Plant and Book
Complete Brochure

Our brochure showcases a stunning array of meticulously crafted Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinetry solutions, blending form and function seamlessly. With an emphasis on innovative design and high-quality materials, the brochure highlights DL Cabinetry's commitment to elevating any space with timeless elegance. From sleek modern designs to classic styles, the brochure invites customers to explore the versatility and superior craftsmanship that define DL Cabinetry's offerings.

Product Specifications

For an in-depth look at the sizes and make up of the products we offer please refer to our Product Specifications below. Should you have additional questions regarding the products we offer, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Carpenter at Work
Measurement Services
Measurement Guide

The first step for design success is having correct measurements. Please take measurements of your space prior to coming in for your design consultation so your design specialist can help you create a custom layout for the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. 


Consult your installer or refer to the measurement guide below for additional information on how to take accurate measurements prior to your consultation.

 Assembly Instruction

While we do offer assembly and delivery services, we also offer instructions and a few raw videos to help our more "Do it Yourself" customers with cabinet assembly and accessory installation. Feel free to contact us with questions. 

Couple with Mobile Phone
Hanging Frames
Installation Guide

DL Cabinetry remains focused on providing our customers with the highest quality of cabinetry at the lowest possible price. In doing so, we refrain from competing with our customers (contractors, installers, etc.) when possible. That said, we try to provide our "Do it Yourself" crowd with as many resources as possible. Below you will find an Installation Guide that can be referenced when completing cabinet installation for your project.

KCMA Certification

Our cabinets have passed the toughest tests of durability and performance in the marketplace today and have earned the prestigious Kitchen Cabinet Makers of America (KCMA) A161.1 Quality Certification Seal. Lear more about KCMA by clicking the link below.

Carb2 Compliant

DL Cabinetry's cabinets are Carb2 compliant, meeting stringent standards for formaldehyde emissions and promoting healthier indoor air quality. Committed to environmental responsibility, DL Cabinetry ensures that their cabinets not only enhance interiors but also contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces.

Cabinet Warranty

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our cabinetry, and a Ten-Year Limited Warranty on all of the drawer guides and door hinges. Download a copy of out warranty below.

Contract Review
Cleaning the Counter
Product Care &Maintenance

Basic cleaning and maintenance tips for extending the "like new" feel in your kitchen or bathroom.

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