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Cabinet Dealers: Stock Up on White Cabinets to Meet 46% Homeowner Demand

White Kitchen Cabinets


As trends evolve, one style remains a favorite among homeowners: white kitchen cabinets. In 2024, a significant 46% of homeowners will opt for this exclusive and timeless trend, reaffirming its appeal. With the residential cabinet industry comprising 82% of the market, as reported in 2020, there is a substantial opportunity for cabinet distributors to cater to this privileged demand.

Moreover, 61% of homeowners are investing in new cabinets, presenting a golden opportunity to cater to this growing demand and potentially increase your profits. This guide provides insights into the latest design trends and tips on promoting white kitchen cabinets to your clients, ensuring you stay ahead in this competitive market and reap the benefits of this exciting trend.

Customers Keep Coming Back to White Kitchen Cabinets

46% of homeowners are choosing white kitchen cabinets in 2024, with the residential portion of the cabinet industry taking up most of the market (82% reported in 2020). Additionally, 61% of homeowners are investing in new cabinets, a large market to cater to as cabinet dealers.

A Fresh Take on White Kitchen Cabinets

Consider promoting these current design ideas to your clients. They show how to incorporate white cabinets into modern kitchen designs according to the latest trends. For instance, textured kitchen backsplashes and metallic finishes are gaining popularity.

  • Textured Kitchen Backsplash - By installing a textured backsplash, you can complement your client's crisp white kitchen cabinets and infuse dynamic movement and visual interest into their kitchen design. From herringbone tiles to hexagon tiles with a marbled look and feel, you can curate them to match your client's personality and style perfectly.

  • Metallic Finishes - Opt for metallic finishes to add allure and shine to your clients' kitchens. Whether they are brass, rose gold, silver, or chrome fans, metallic finishes are super eye-catching. You can even mix metals to customize the space further.

  • Utilize Pattern- Infuse your customers' personalities into the heart of their homes using patterned wallpaper, window treatments, or kitchen backsplash tiles. This adds movement, style, and value to the house. With their inherent versatility, white kitchen cabinets are the perfect canvas for any customer's preferred color palette or pattern, ensuring they will always complement each other beautifully and meet diverse customer preferences.

  •  Two-Tone Cabinets - A major trend right now is two-tone cabinets. This is super appealing to many homeowners, whether they like bold colors or standard neutral tones. Stock up on Cyber Grey and Dove Grey door styles to pair with classic white kitchen cabinets. This will add dimension to their kitchen without getting crazy with color and the associated risk.

Stock Up on These DL Cabinetry Staples

You can never have enough high-quality white kitchen cabinets! Make sure you have a nice variety, like our three styles. As cabinet makers, we know how crucial quality craftsmanship with a neutral color palette is so that you can stock your inventory with peace of mind.

  • Glacier White

Glacier White Cabinets

  • Pearl White

Pearl White Cabinets

  • White Shaker

White Shaker Cabinets

Partner with DL Cabinetry

When you become a DL Cabinetry dealer, you're partnering with a trusted brand. Our products are certified by KCMA and Carb2, and we're a member of NAHB, ensuring you receive top-quality cabinets. As expert cabinet manufacturers, we maintain strict quality control. Our comprehensive dealer portal provides the tools you need for success, including our 5-star drop-shipping service that handles the logistics, allowing you to focus on your clients and meet your deadlines.

DL Cabinetry stands out with multiple store locations and a nationwide reach, ensuring easy access to affordable, high-quality cabinets. Our extensive nationwide network of six store and pickup locations supports efficient service and convenience. Experience the ease of quick ordering using SKUs, effectively streamlining your process.

Additionally, our 2020 Import feature streamlines order creation. Our innovative color swap feature lets you customize your cabinet selections effortlessly. At the same time, our Bulk Shipping Quote tool, Swap Shipping Method option, and Merge Quote functionality provide you with a state-of-the-art shopping experience focused on expediting your ordering process.


Partnering with DL Cabinetry ensures you have access to high-quality, affordable white kitchen cabinets that your clients will love. Our extensive range of styles, such as Glacier White, Pearl White, and White Shaker, guarantees that you can meet diverse customer preferences.

As a trusted brand certified by KCMA and Carb2 and a member of NAHB, we offer reliable products and services. Our comprehensive dealer portal, featuring innovative tools like quick SKU ordering, 2020 Import, Color Swap, and flexible shipping options, equips you with everything you need for success. With multiple store locations and nationwide reach, DL Cabinetry is your go-to partner for delivering top-notch cabinets and exceptional service.



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