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How to Create an Order Using Design 2020 Import on DL Cabinetry Dealer Portal?


As a cabinet maker, we recognize the value of a smooth, efficient ordering process. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing a cutting-edge dealer portal. This portal empowers cabinet distributors like you to place orders online with ease, freeing you from the usual hassles. With our portal, you can bid farewell to tedious paperwork and long waiting times. Stay tuned, kitchen cabinet contractors, for a comprehensive ordering guide that will further enhance your experience.

How to Order with Design 2020 Import

DL Cabinetry cabinet manufacturers have meticulously designed a comprehensive cabinet dealer portal. This portal is not just a tool, but a testament to our trust in you as cabinet distributors. Once you've signed up and logged into the portal, the power is in your hands. Choose your preferred order method, be it shipping or pick-up. Then, explore the three shopping options: door styles, quick order, and 2020 import.

Then, follow these straightforward instructions:

  1. Export the “Cabinet List” from the “Reports” section of 2020 Design.

  2. Then upload the edited CSV file to the dealer portal.

  3. Add a JOB label name at the top right corner to save the cart as a quote.

  4. Click the update shopping cart option to show you the estimated price for the cabinets.

Alternative: Download the sample CSV template, download a CSV from Design 2020, and merge the data from the two sheets.

For easier transport, cabinets are shipped flat-packed and will require assembly. However, we offer assembly services at each of our pickup locations. Simply select the "Pickup" option when creating a new order and we'll reach out to coordinate a time for you to collect them from the selected location.


Customize Cabinets in Design 2020

Customization is key in the cabinet industry, and we've made it a breeze in our portal. You can easily swap colors and change door styles to match your clients' preferences. We've included this feature to simplify the ordering process with Design 2020 Import. Before placing your order, take a moment to review the cart and shipping method. Our system, designed by cabinet makers for kitchen cabinet contractors, is user-friendly and error-proof.

How to Video

Check out this quick, informative how-to video to be taken through this entire process on screen. You will be fully prepared to do it yourself in just a few minutes! This video is especially great for visual learners.


As a leading cabinet manufacturer, DL Cabinetry was determined to create software that streamlined essential processes, such as placing orders. We understand how helpful it is to be able to use Design 2020 Import when ordering online and knew we had to include that in our dealer portal. Kick-start efficiency by registering to be a DL dealer today!



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