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Unfinished Cabinets Make Differences

Preparing for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel? You should consider buying DL Cabinetry/Austin Cabinetry’s unfinished, ready-to paint/stain cabinets. You can use the unfinished RTA wood cabinets for various cabinet functions in your home. And our unfinished cabinets are in stock, ready for quick delivery. Picture a remodeling process where you have complete creative control over the look of your kitchen.

Will you leave the cabinets painted or stained? These and more are options the unfinished kitchen cabinets offer. While there is a great deal of insufficient information, here’s a detailed article on unfinished cabinets.

What Does Unfinished Cabinets Actually Mean?

If you’re unfamiliar with cabinetry, you might not understand exactly what we mean by “unfinished cabinet.” Some people consider unfinished cabinets to be dull. However, that is absolutely false! Unfinished kitchen cabinets are often constructed of wood in their natural form with no coloring, varnishing, or painting treatments. They are sanded to perfect, ready to receive paint and stain, ready to assemble and cleaning recommended prior to painting or staining

Benefits Of Unfinished Cabinets

Buying an unfinished kitchen cabinet offers many benefits, leaving you with a choice. However, we’ll look at the top three benefits.

1. Customized Cabinet

Purchasing unfinished cabinets create room for customization. This implies that many homeowners can be more creative and flexible with unfinished cabinetry. So you can stain, seal, or paint unfinished cabinets to want to tweak the look and feel.

Suppose you want to maintain the cabinets exactly how they are now (the unfinished wood natural look). You could later decide to give your entire kitchen a completely new style. They are simple to paint or refinish in any color that appeals to you.

What To Consider Before Buying Unfinished Cabinets

Having known the benefits of unfinished wood cabinets, don’t hurry in buying them. Rather, consider the factors below when purchasing new unfinished wood cabinets.

1. Budget

To custom order kitchen cabinets in your specific color from a manufacturer can easily cost you over $25,000. Paint/stain over our unfinished cabinets would save you at least 50% of your cost.

2. Grain Pattern and Color

Gently examine the color and grain pattern since wood varies. Test your stain on a piece of sample door before you move forward with the actual finishing job. Your might need to apply more than one coat to get to the color shade you need, and you might want to use 2 or more different stain to achieve the antique or beat-up look. You can be very creative at what you try to do.

3. Design Your Kitchen

DL Cabinetry/Austin Cabinetry offers complimentary design services. All you need to do is to send us your floor plan or kitchen measurement. We will take care all the procedures, like design, quote, payment, delivery from there.

How To Paint Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Painting cabinets takes time and a little skill. Here are some pointers to make the procedure go more smoothly and produce better outcomes.

First, you need to ensure that you have the tools needed to paint unfinished cabinets. You can get this equipment from home improvement stores around you.

· Tack cloth

· Wood conditioner

· Polyurethane stain

· Sanding pad 150 grit

· Clear polyurethane or varnish

· Stain grade paint brush

· Paint thinner

Our unfinished cabinets are pre-sanded to receive stains, so there is no sanding needed prior to the first coat. But sanding is needed in between each coating process if you are going to finish with more than one coat.

After acquiring all the tools, go to a clean environment, you don’t want any dust on the surface of your cabinets. The dust will cause bubbling look.

Take out the cabinet doors and drawers, clean them. This is to ensure easy treatment on all sides of the doors and cabinet face.

Gently apply conditioner to the kitchen cabinets using your foam brush. The wood conditioner will help bring out the wood’s pattern. Also, it will smoothen the coat around the piece and reduces the possibility of blotching. Allow the conditioner to sit for 15 minutes.

Next, apply an even coat of stain over the entire kitchen cabinets. There should be no dripping and allow it to dry for 6 hours. The texture will be visible at this stage, although the wood may not appear stained. That may be all you need to do. However, apply a second coat if you want a deeper stain. Sanding is a must in between each coat. And ensure that the stain blends with polyurethane. Wait for the second coat to dry according to the stain’s directions. Lastly, you can add two coats of urethane to your new cabinets if you want to seal the piece.

Priming and Painting the Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

The preparation process for painting kitchen cabinets is quite similar.

Use a 2 to 3-inch sash brush to apply primer to tiny sections, the trim, and the cut-in. Use a 6-inch paint roller and roller cover to add priming to more extensive surfaces. The manufacturer’s recommendations will determine the number of coatings and drying time.

Afterward, use the topcoat paint to coat your cabinet frames. Begin by using a sash brush to clean the cut-in trim and minor sections. Then, paint the more significant sections using a paint roller and a new roller cover. Allow the first layer to dry completely before applying a second coat.

Paint sprayers are another option for painting your kitchen cabinets. Not only will it dry faster, but you will apply a second coat using a brush or roller. But it leaves no visible brush strokes.

1. Do Unfinished Cabinets Need to Be Primed Before Painting?

Yes, it is essential to prime unfinished cabinets before painting. This applies to painting work both indoors and outside. Wood is porous and has a grainy surface. Therefore, you cannot avoid priming raw wood. Because the primer has a high solid content, it aids in filling the fresh wood’s grains.

2. What’s The Best Paint to Use on Unfinished Cabinets?

To get a flawless finish, we would advise using either a semi-gloss or satin finish when painting cabinets. This is because a flat finish would reveal dirt and is not very appealing. At the same time, a high gloss will easily show wear and tear.

3. How Can I Protect My Unfinished Cabinets?

If you prefer the look of your cabinets’ natural wood color, you might apply a finish instead of painting or staining them. Protect your wood cabinets from moisture and stains damage using a colorless polyurethane coating.

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