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The Strategic Advantage of DL Cabinetry’s 6 Local Pickup Locations for Nationwide Reach

The Strategic Advantage of DL Cabinetry’s 6 Local Pickup Locations for Nationwide Reach


Are you a cabinet dealer looking for more convenient ways to operate and streamline your projects? Ensuring efficiency and smooth operations is crucial in today's competitive market. One effective strategy is to partner with a reliable distributor who can provide you with high-quality products and exceptional service. Check to see if you have a local DL Cabinetry distributor near you!

DL Cabinetry offers a wide range of cabinet solutions that are both stylish and durable, perfect for any project you may have. By choosing to work with a local distributor, you can enjoy these benefits:

  1. Reduced Lead Times: Local distributors often have products in stock, allowing for faster turnaround times than ordering from distant suppliers. This helps keep your projects on schedule.

  2. Personalized Service: A local distributor can offer more personalized service, understanding your business's specific needs and providing tailored solutions.

  3. Cost Savings: Being near a local distributor can reduce shipping costs and fewer delays, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

  4. Expert Advice: Distributors with in-depth knowledge of DL Cabinetry products can advise on the best choices for your projects, helping you achieve optimal results.

DL Cabinetry's Nationwide Reach

When you register as a DL dealer, you partner with high-quality cabinet manufacturers. We are a business that truly understands your unique challenges and needs. With our six pick-up locations strategically placed in major cities, we bring the convenience of your orders to you!

Experience the Difference with These 6 Pick-up Locations:

Common Challenges, Streamlined Solutions

  • High Shipping Costs - lower your shipping costs and allow you to pick up your orders at your convenience. 

  • Tracking Shipments - No more worrying about shipments, start enjoying hassle-free pick-up today.

  • Limited Visibility - We empower you with the tools to succeed, including access to real-time inventory statistics within our online dealer portal.

DL Cabinetry’s Dealer Portal

Our online dealer portal, a testament to our commitment to your success, is designed to streamline your operations and offer convenient features tailored just for you. With our online dealer portal, you'll have the power to manage your orders with ease. 

You can quickly order using SKU numbers, generate orders using 2020 Import, swap colors, generate quotes for bulk orders, and even change shipping methods, all at your fingertips. These features were developed to simplify your order management process, increase order accuracy, and save time. These are just a few examples of our portal's many features, all designed to make your business operations more efficient and convenient.

We’ve Got Your Back

Plus, we're here if you ever need guidance on using any of those features. We have a collection of free how-to videos on YouTube, and our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you. Learning a new system can be challenging, so we're committed to ensuring you feel confident and supported in your partnership with DL Cabinetry!



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