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How to Use the Color Swap Feature on DL Cabinetry Dealer Portal?


As a cabinet manufacturer, we understand your challenges with streamlining processes and color-swapping. These challenges may include dated inventory information, slow shipping times, and generating online quotes. That's why DL Cabinetry's dealer portal, designed specifically for cabinet distributors like you, is here to provide expert solutions. Our portal, backed by our extensive knowledge as cabinet manufacturers, offers a convenient way to overcome these challenges.

Benefits of Color Swapping

DL Cabinetry is the first company to offer this convenient option for industry professionals! The dealer portal allows cabinet dealers to change the style and color of cabinets for online quotes and orders for current and future orders. Based on our stock, when you are color swapping, you can change colors and finishes as you wish, free of charge! In addition, you can compare price differences of various door styles and make changes based on real-time inventory from cabinet makers.

Benefits of Color Swapping

Color swapping is a breeze for kitchen cabinet contractors when you are a registered DL cabinet dealer. Our online portal is designed to make the process efficient and straightforward, giving you the confidence to make necessary changes at the drop of a hat.

First, select the specific line, door style, and finish you want to change. Then, choose the style you would like to swap the cabinets out with. Your cart will be updated with a simple click the 'apply now ' button that is located at the bottom right of the screen. It's that easy! As a cabinet distributor, you control the color-swapping process, increasing efficiency and convenience.

How to Video

Check out this quick, informative how-to video to be guided step by step through the visual process! If you have any additional questions before, during, or after the cabinet assembly process, feel free to reach out to our customer service team, who will be more than thrilled to assist you in any way they can.

Other Dealer Portal Benefits

What else can dealers do in the DL portal? Cabinet distributors can save on freight costs, generate online quotes based on the cabinet styles chosen, access shipping estimates based on their location, and access real-time data.

Why Partner with DL Cabinetry?

You partner with a trustworthy brand when you become a DL Cabinetry dealer. Our products are certified by KCMA and DBE, and we are an NAHB member, so you can trust us to deliver quality cabinets. We are expert cabinet manufacturers, allowing us to quality control as cabinet makers. Our comprehensive cabinet dealer portal gives you the tools to succeed. DL Cabinetry, as a 5-star drop-shipping service, ensures hassle-free shipping. This allows you to focus on your clients and meet your deadline while we take care of the logistics of your orders.


As cabinet manufacturers, we understand that the option to color swap is essential for last-minute client requests or inventory issues. DL Cabinetry cabinet makers are proud to offer this option and give you the power to color swap from anywhere in the world.



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